A Skyrim Tale - By Venturian Wiki

Another Skyrim Tale is a series in which Venturian plays through The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim a second time as Asylum Weaver, who will follow the footsteps of Vahl Aradur, who is the protagonist of A Skyrim Tale. It is set to conclude Asylum's adventure from An Oblivion Tale to An Elder Scrolls Online Tale.

The series began airing on July 11, 2017. Episodes release every day (excluding Monday) at 5 PM EST.

Venturian said during the final The Elder Scrolls Online live stream, multiple times, that the game will be modded so it is not the same story. The first episode revealed that the Enderal mod was being used.


Join Asylum one last time, on the final journey of his life.


The series was set to run for 28 episodes, so as to conclude Asylum Weaver's journey through An Oblivion Tale and An Elder Scrolls Online Tale. However, the number of episodes have gone way above 28 (there are currently 43 episodes).

After episode 43, no new episode has been created, and no formal finale has concluded the series. It is unknown if the series is cancelled or on hiatus.