There are many creatures in Skyrim that Venturian created.

Derpalope[edit | edit source]

Derpalopes are the Deer that Venturian Created.

Nopelope[edit | edit source]

Nopelopes are a hybrid of Nopes and Derpalope.


Water Rabbits[edit | edit source]

Water Rabbits are Tribal Rabbits that can swim in water, can live in freezing cold temperatures, and are more technological advanced than most rabbits.

Horses[edit | edit source]

There are multiple types of horse in Venturian's world there are three types of undead horses and there is one race of normal horses.

Torchbugs[edit | edit source]

Torchbugs are all over Skyrim, and are a common creature.

Nopes[edit | edit source]

Nopes are the Insects and Arachnids that Venturian created, their name originated from Jordan saying "Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope," to spiders.

Bucketheads[edit | edit source]

Bucketheads are the Draugr that Venturian created, their names originated from the helmets they wore.

Legendary Earth Birds[edit | edit source]

The Legendary Earth Birds, are a rare, endangered race of birds that have claws that can dig underground.

Vahl Sabre Cats[edit | edit source]

Vahl Sabre Cats are the renamed version of Vale Sabre Cats.

Pizza Roll Patrol[edit | edit source]

The Pizza Roll Patrol are a tribal type of creatures who are made of Pizza Rolls.

Known Creatures[edit | edit source]

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