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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, POET! 3 - Skyrim Tale Ep. 136-1

Poet and Daxius on Poet's Birthday

Daxius is a Dwarven Centurian that Poe built on her birthday.

A Minecraft Tale[]

Daxius was an Iron Golrn in A Minecraft Tale. Venturian built Daxius to protect Ventopia from Tree Pigs, and all monsters who plan on entering. They brought Daxius with them on their way to the stronghold to kill the monsters who attack the portal. Then they all died, respawned, returned and Jordan immediatly saw that Daxius entered the portal himself. He eventually died in The End. When Jordan, Isaac, Bethany, and Cierra returned to Ventopia, they put him back in his position.

A Skyrim Tale[]

Like Lil' Vent, Daxius has travelled into the land of Skyrim in a different form. He was made of iron before and he returned gold. He has basically become a Dwarven Automaton built by Poe. He is built with more abilities and powers. Before the Battle in Whiterun, Poet was smart and made Daxius II for the battle.


In Minecraft he wasn't given any powers, he was just made of Iron and was very strong. But when Poe rebuilt him into a Centurian, he was given many more powers such as Steam Breath, Plate Armor, Blades and Hammers for Hands, and extreme strength.