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Lil' Vent
Little vent with a dwemer helmet.png
Vital statistics
Position Rabbit Locksmith
Age Unknown
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

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Lil' Vent's Death


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Lil' Vent MINECRAFT Start

Lil' Vent was a Rabbit Locksmith who died but was inadvertently summoned back into the world of the living and thus resurrected by Vahl's use of the Adventurers Assemble power.


It is unknown how, where, or exactly when Lil' Vent died, but it can be assumed that he was still alive somewhere during the events of episodes 89 and 90, as he wasn't seen in Sovngarde when Vahl journeyed there to destroy Alduin. However, almost 100 episodes later, it was confirmed that he did die at some point, as he was seen in Sovngarde along with Cameron in episode 184. However, inn episode 187, both rabbits were accidentally summoned by Vahl's use of Adventurers Assemble into the world of the living and thus resurrected. It can be assumed that Lil' Vent either rejoined the group or set out on his own adventures. This makes Lil' Vent the first living thing in history to fully return from the dead (As Vahl was not technically dead during her brief visit to Sovngarde in episodes 89 and 90.)


Lil' Vent wears a small Dwarven Helmet and carries 4 Ancient Nordic Pickaxes. He is also used by Vahl to carry items that would leave Vahl over-encumbered.


  • He originated from A Minecraft Tale.
  • People say he was killed in Korbjorn Barrow.
  • He was originally a bird when he first appeared in episode 9 of A Minecraft Tale, but he transformed (some say regenerated) into a rabbit in episode 18 of the same series.


R.I.P Lil' Vent

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