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Vital statistics
Position Jungle Queen
Age N/A
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height N/A
Weight N/A

Lydia is a Nordic Jungle Warrior and first companion of Vahl's Followers who once didn't get anything in return when Vahl got her. But then Vahl was about to be killed by Bandits, Lydia came and saved her from them after Lydia was respected by Vahl and (before Mirrak) became her second in command, she was respected by everyone in the group.

Lydia is now dead due to the afflicted. She was taken out by the trap in the dwemer ruin. She could have also been mercy killed by Miraak. At the very end of the 200th and final episode, Lydia was seen in Sovngarde with the other fallen members of Vahl's group, revealing that she was allowed into Sovngarde at some point between the 184th and 200th episodes.

R.I.P Lydia


  • Venturian says that Lydia was a superhero and when she was not there, she's off saving someone.
  • She was once a Normal Warrior until she found Warchief Armor and she became a Jungle Warrior.
  • It is her fourth time dying and now Jordan thinks it is wrong to resurrect Lydia at this time. (Probably to make the story more dramatic)

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