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This is a wiki about the Skyrim let's play series "A Skyrim Tale" by Venturian Tale. It is about Vahl, the Dark Elf Dragonborn and her own series.

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Vahl on episode 76 "Vahl's Wedding"


Main Characters[]

  • Vahl - Race: Dark Elf: She was first seen in Skyrim after a shipwreck near the College of Winterhold. She was determined the only living dragonborn known in Tamriel. She has slain Alduin and has slain the Vampire Overlord, and the First Dragonborn, Miraak who now helps her along the journey. She has also discovered WereBears which are half bear and half man. Vahl is a soldier in the Stormcloak Rebellion fighting along with her twin brother. Vahl has been to Elsweyr with one of her followers, Tauriel. Rumor has it that Vahl has a voice in her head named Venturian who guides her along the way. Vahl is the Harbinger of the Companions, and is married to Farkas, another member in the Companions, she also has a hate for all rabbit killers. Perferred weapon - Sword.
  • Miraak - Race: Nord: Miraak is the First Dragonborn as well as a Dragon Priest who helped Vahl defeat Alduin. Miraak once ruled Solstheim in the name of the Dragon Cult millenia ago, but now serves as the second-in-command of the group. As Dragonborn, he uses a multitude of shouts like Dragon Aspect, Fire Breath and Unrelenting Force, however to a higher degree than Vahl. But that is because he's had centuries of experience. Perferred weapon - Anduril.
  • Lydia - Race: Nord: The first follower of Vahl's group. She is known as the Jungle Queen since she wore a saber-cat pelt for a while. She is basically the leader of the house when Vahl goes out for adventuring. She recently died when she was afflicted and killed by Miraak.
  • Jenn - Race: Dark Elf; Real name: Jennessa: Jenn was hired by Vahl for mercenary work. She is also a fan of history so she gives the group a lesson every one in a while. Jenn is a master at melee combat. She decided to retire from adventuring.
  • Anna - Race: Nord Vampire; Real name Seranna: Anna's father, Harkon, was a Vampire Overlord until he was slain by Vahl. Anna is currently one of Vahl's fellow adventurers.
  • Farkas - Race: Nord; Vahl's husband and Circle member of the Companions.Spends his time running the shop and slaying bears.
  • Tauriel - Race: Elf: A traveler from the distant lands of Middle-Earth, Tauriel taught Vahl how to be better archmen. Not much is known about Tauriel because she is the newest member of the group. She and Vahl went to Elswyr as a test for Tauriel. Perferred weapon - Bow.
  • Poe- Race: Nord: Real name: Poet: Poe is the youngest in the group at the age 18 but is one of the smartest of the group. Poe is the inventor of the group, she has made the dwarven gun, and a dwarven centurian for the group. Perferred weapon - Battle-Axe.
  • Lil'Vent- Race: Rabbit;: Lil' Vent was the 2nd follower in the group and was very good at lock-picking. He even taught Vahl a few tricks. He was helping Vahl clear out a tomb when he went missing, probably dead.
  • Elsa- Race: Nord; The queen of Arendelle, who can control ice and snow. She first joined Vahl when Vahl found her ice castle and is now helping her in Falskaar.

Minor Characters[]

  • Gro Gro- Race: Nord. He was a man that gave food to Vahl and was a guard and grocer, hence the name Gro-Gro.
  • Nameless Man- Race: Nord. For a short time, Vahl had a Falskaar soldier follow her (High King Commands) who she never got a name for, thus Vahl called him The Nameless Man for the short time he was around. He lost his life to some bandits.*
  • Steve (Stormcloak) - Race: Nord. A Stormclock guard that Vahl recruited, he died in the battle of Solitude.
  • Marc - Real name: Marcurio - Race: Imperial. An Adept Wizard that used to spend time in the Bee and Barb Tavern, he killed Aqua so Vahl Shouted him off of a cliff.
  • Aqua - Race: Canine. A puppy that Vahl found at a mill near Elsa's castle. (insert name of mill) Was killed by Marc once but was revived.