Vahl Aradur
Vahl s tale by jordanventurian-d74c4ng
Vital statistics
Position Warrior
Age 23
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight 120 lbs

Vahl Aradur is a female Dark Elf and the major character from A Skyrim Tale. She is said to be at least part Time Lord, and the fact that her appearance has changed several times over the course of the series, such as during the gap between episode 7 and episode 8, indicates that she is capable of regeneration. Vahl is also a Dimension Walker, and possesses the ability to cross into universes other than her own, as demonstrated when she appeared in the universe of an unknown female Nord. Vahl owns a TARDIS, but cannot fly it very well. She also has a voice in her head, Jordan, who tells her what to do and say, but she doesn't always listen. It is unknown whether or not Vahl always says what the voice in her head says, but it's unlikely that she does, because much of what Jordan says would either get her in trouble, or at least earn her some strange looks. Vahl is married to Farkas, so she is Vilkas' sister-in-law. She relies on her followers and a plethera of health potions. Her greatest weakness is Nopes and Trolls, of which the voice in her head panics due to arachnophobia and Trollophobia. Vahl has named Miraak High King which we later found out was in fact a clone but Miraak doesn't mind, Venturian seems to think he's wants to be out fighting. Over the last couple of months Vahl has lost Meeko, who died while defending her, and then Cameron while Vahl was fighting a group of bandits. The most recent loss is that of Lydia, who was kidnapped and infected by the Afflicted, and then mercy-killed by Miraak. Over the course of her adventures, Vahl has saved Skyrim from evils such as Alduin, the world eater; Miraak, the first dragonborn; and Harkon, Serana's mother. Currently, Vahl is currently undertaking unknown adventures, using her abilities as Dragonborn to safeguard Skyrim from dangers which can only be guessed at.


  • Vahlok - Ancestor
  • Gaelan - Twin brother
  • Unnamed mother - all that is known about her is that she was in House Telvanni , and that she was killed in a Thalmor attack
  • Unnamed father - all that is known about him is that he was in House Redoran
  • Farkas - Husband
  • Vilkas - Brother-in-law
  • Sofie - Adopted daughter
  • Ma'isha - Adopted daughter


Vahl has many companions with her and it makes battles a lot easier



  • Lil' Vent - Second Companion (In Sovngarde)
  • Bubbles - Boise's Ghost
  • Lydia - First campanion, Vahl's best friend, was Second in Command
  • Cameron - Travelled from minecraft to find Lil' Vent only to find out he was dead, then she died later while Vahl was fighting bandits. Now resides in Sovngarde with Lil' Vent
  • Meeko - died defending Vahl from a dragon.
  • Gro-Gro - a hunter that sold Vahl various meats when she was beginning to starve to death. Vahl recruited him as one of her companions as thanks, but he was killed by members of the Afflicted.
  • Unnamed Falskaar guard - recruited as a companion because he was faster than Vahl, but died in a bandit attack before Venturian could come up with a name for him.
  • Steve- Stormcloak soldier assigned to Vahl. Died during the battle of Solitude.


  • Imposter Lil' Vent - a Lil' Vent lookalike who attempted to replace Lil' Vent the first time Venturian lost track of him
  • Imperfect Clone Miraak - Poet's first (as far as we know) clone of Miraak. His behavior seemed drunken (it's unknown whether or not he was drunk, but he likely was), and he had an untamed fighting style. He was struck down by Jen and Frea when they discovered that he was an evil clone and not the real Miraak.
  • Creeper Vahl/Ugly Vahl - one of two imperfect clones of Vahl, and Poet's second and third (as far as we know) attempts at cloning. She, as well as the other clone of Vahl, look, as Venturian put it, like a creeper. Unlike the first clone of Miraak, both clones of Vahl are benign, but one of them refused to follow the real Vahl.
  • Venturian - a imperfect clone of Venturian, he was found when Poet cloned Ugly Vahl, he was a follower for the last few episodes of A Skyrim Tale.

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