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Vahl's Dark Elf side


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Vahl's Dragonborn Side

Vahl has multiple races of different types.

Dark Elf (Dunmer)[]

Vahl was born with the ash heart of a Dunmer, so she has the inborn abilities of a Dunmer such as 50% resistance to heat and radiation, and can not die of old age.

Dragonborn (Dovahkiin)[]

Vahl was born with the blood and breath of a dragon, so she has the life abilities of a dragon such as learning the Way of the Voice, absorbing Dragon Souls, reading Elder Scrolls, and Shouting.

Werewolf (Lycanthropy)[]

Vahl has become a member of the Circle and became a werewolf. She also is married to Farkas, who is also a werewolf. Vahl's lycanthropic abilities are the only ones out of all her racial powers that she was not born with.

Time Lord (Gallifreyan)[]



Vahl's Werewolf Side

Vahl was born with Time Lord blood mixing with her Dragon blood, possibly due to distant Gallifreyan ancestry, so she has similar abilities to those of a Time Lord, such as summoning and piloting a TARDIS, creating and using a sonic screwdriver, and of course regeneration. Although Vahl has never been seen to regenerate on screen, the change in her appearance between episodes 7 and 8, and the photograph of a very ugly Dunmer which is allegedly Vahl shown in the latter episode indicates that Vahl underwent at least 2 regenerations during the long interval between episode 7 and episode 8. It is also possible that the Dunmer dubbed by Venturian as Ugly Vahl first seen in episode 141 is a future incarnation of Vahl.


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Vahl's Time Lord Side